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    Running a small business means doing the accounts (and probably marketing, customer service, and logistics too!).  Your passion is your business, yet you spend countless hours sorting the basics; cash-flow, invoicing, GST, taxes etc.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed.

    That’s why I started The Accounts Department 18 years ago because my passion is accounting and I could see small businesses struggling with the things I love to do.  Like you, I wanted the work-life balance that comes with running your own business (when you have the right support) and I’ve found it. I know I can’t do everything myself which is why I’ve handpicked an awesome team to best deliver our services to you.  And it’s why I hire professionals to deliver their expertise to us.

    Most of our clients are looking for that better balance, and we give it to them – more time with family and friends, more time doing the job they’re passionate about and more income because they’re earning instead of doing the paperwork.

    As registered Tax Agents, we’re always up to date with the latest tax news.  We keep you on top of your tax requirements and help you hold on to as much profit as possible.  The bottom line – we’re here to make things simple.  Why not let us take the hassle off your hands?

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    The Accounts Department