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  • Visit our offices, or join one of our team on the phone and you’ll instantly get a feel for the fact that we’re different. And while the unique culture at The Accounts Department may have started with our founder Michelle, it’s since spread far and wide.

    We understand that not everyone loves this stuff. You’ve no doubt started a business, or invested in property because you’ve found your passion or something you’re good at, yet you’ve soon realised that you’ve also got to invest time into the admin side – cashflow, invoicing, GST, taxes… Luckily, we love all of that – and we love helping businesses like yours tick all of their paperwork boxes and take care of compliance, so you can focus on what you’re best at.

    Far from being bustling ‘bean counters’, our tight-knit team are like one big family. We not only care about each other, we also care about, and connect with, each and every one of our clients and their businesses. As well as all the things you’d expect – excellent communication, mutual trust and the credibility that comes from having been there and done that – the other cornerstones to our approach are following through on what we say we’ll do and being authentic; we’re unashamedly who we are. The other thing that sets us apart is our commitment to going over and above the call of duty constantly. Call us crazy, but we’re in love with this place and the way it enables us to help people.

    So, let us take your hassles away – book a time to talk to one of our small business accountants today!


    Michelle’s story

    The Accounts Department’s story started back in the late 90s, from Michelle’s passion for accounting and her awareness that so many small businesses were struggling with this aspect of keeping the wheels turning. Like other small business owners, Michelle wanted the balance and flexibility that (ideally) comes from being her own boss, and that’s what she set out to create not only for herself, but also for our team and clients.

    It is Michelle’s belief that running a business should be enjoyable, and that it can be when you’ve got the right support. Knowing full well that she couldn’t do everything herself, Michelle handpicked a ‘dream team’ of tax professionals to deliver their expertise and The Accounts Department’s services, so that now you don’t have to do everything yourself either!

    Having learnt so much about growing a successful business, and always interested in learning more herself, Michelle has recently added business coaching as another string to The Accounts Department’s bow. It’s just another way that she can provide support to the many great Kiwi small businesses.

    So, whether you’re shooting for the stars or just want to keep you on top of your tax requirements while holding onto as much of your profits as possible, give Michelle and the team a call. We’ll tick all the boxes while you invest more time into doing the job that you’re passionate about. It’s all about better balance and the bottom line is that we’re here to make it easy.

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