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  • October 2017 - Newsletter

    Welcome to our October Newsletter! Have you got some big goals? Personal or business related, it doesn't matter, now is always thebest time to act! See the coaching article below if you're ready to start kicking some goals! In other news, I have a great article on our new government, a [...]

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    September 2017 - Newsletter

    Welcome to our September Newsletter! This year is flying by so fast! With lots of exciting things going on behind the scenes at The Accounts Department, I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the year unfolds. This month, we have for you logbooks demystified, organisation through project [...]

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    August 2017 - Newsletter

    Welcome to our August Newsletter! Spring is almost here!! This month we update you on pay for leave and holidays, share a TAD win, recipes, (personally taste-tested by me) and a little joke to brighten your day! Enjoy! Michelle xx     Pay for leave and holidays guidance [...]

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