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    Have you got some big goals? Personal or business related, it doesn’t matter, now is always thebest time to act! See the coaching article below if you’re ready to start kicking some goals!

    In other news, I have a great article on our new government, a cucumber recipe I’m addicted to at the moment and my tiny house update!

    Until next month, enjoy!

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    Most of us have some big, hairy audacious goals in life, whether we admit it or share them with other people or not. Our financial decisions tend to be very personal decisions, but they underpin our options and the ability or confidence we feel we have to make life better for ourselves.

    At The Accounts Department, our customised coaching programme involves taking a grounded look at where you are now (A) and then considering where you want to get to (B). It’s one thing to figure out the finer details and make sure all the boxes are ticked, but another to ensure all thebits are lined up and heading in the right direction. As well as looking at how you can – and will – get from A to B, coaching provides the big picture perspective, accountability and behind thescenes support to see you realise your dreams. It’s more than accounting advice – it’s business success advice.

    Give Michelle and the team a confidential call – free of charge and with no obligation – to see how we can support you to become financially healthy and profitable and to live your best life!




    Winners and losers of the new Government

    Heather du Plessis-Allan of the NZ Herald wrote a pretty spot on article on the winners and losers of the new government, last week that I had to share;

    Change is coming. Big change. That much Winston Peters has told us.

    Exactly what that means we won’t know until the new government reveals its coalition policy deals in the next few days. But still, we have enough hints and clues to already declare some winners and losers.


    Anyone with a car

    The days of freight-carrying trucks cutting up our highway network are numbered. Both NZ First and the Greens are obsessed with getting freight off our roads and back on the railways.

    Things are even better for Auckland drivers. If Winston gets his wish of moving Auckland’s port up to Northland, that’ll further reduce the number of trucks on the motorway heading south.

    And things are even better for Auckland drivers who actually believe migrants are clogging motorways. Under this government, immigrants and their cars are no longer as welcome.


    Farmers are probably not much better off but they’ve snuck into the winners’ category on thestrength of sheer relief. Boy, did they kick up a stink over Labour’s entirely reasonable plan to tax commercial water use. It sounds like Winston’s put a stop to that.

    On the plus side, Winston’s probably struck a deal to increase regional spending which is a geographic win for farmers. On the downside, expect the Greens to properly tackle climate change which is a loss to farmers given their cows are New Zealand’s biggest problem.

    First Home Buyers

    Labour will build more houses. These houses will be affordable. To further help first home buyers, there will be rules against foreign speculators buying existing houses and, of course, as many immigrants won’t be allowed in to outbid them.


    It has to be said that National let the country down in this general category. It’s been a tough few years for lower-income earners, and now the minimum wage is set to increase. It’s been tough for those needing mental health intervention, and Labour’s promised a ministerial inquiry (not that that necessarily means much). And it’s been awful for the Pike River families who deserve to go into the mine if that’s what they want. Now, it sounds like they’ll get it.

    The Greens

    Finally. It’s been a long apprenticeship.

    Don’t let anyone tell you four positions outside Cabinet is a slap in the face. It’s a win. It gives theGreens power in the areas they care about, but enough arms-length from bad decisions to give them a chance at surviving in government. Remember, no minor party has yet survived an MMP coalition. But, the Greens probably will because co-leader James Shaw understands MMP and because they’ll already claim a win with the marijuana referendum.


    Existing Home Owners

    Take everything that counts as wins for first home buyers, and they’re losses for homeowners. If someone knows how to flood the market with cheap houses and not crash the prices of existing houses, please contact the Labour Party. Do it now.


    Not to be dramatic or anything, but we may have a problem. Our economy may look like one ofthe strongest in the developed world, but economists will tell you much of that is an illusion pumped by high immigration. Actually, things aren’t that flash. You know it because no one’s getting a pay rise.

    The new government’s going to cut that immigration pump. Dramatically. That should slow things right down.

    Plus, there’s not a lot of spare change by the looks of things. Labour’s promises alone cost a lot. A lot. Now factor in the Greens’ and NZ First’s and you’ve got a tight budget. Governments need spare change so that they can increase spending and prop up the economy during tough times. Well, we may have a tough time coming but not enough coin to remedy it.

    In this scenario, the losers are all of us.

    All of us

    Just to drive that last point home, you’re not getting the tax cut National has already put into law. That’ll be unwound with urgency


    ACT should’ve disbanded years ago. Do you know how many people voted for ACT last month? 13,000. That’s about five times fewer than Gareth Morgan’s party, and please remember that, in my view, Gareth Morgan did everything possible to repel voters.

    ACT is part of the reason National No-Mates lost the election. With only one MP, ACT is too small to help a right-wing government over the line. The ACT brand is damaged, possibly beyond repair. It may be time to make way for a new right-wing party.

    Everybody who’s freaking out

    This new Government’s caused some people to descend into a shrill panic.

    If that’s you, settle down. You’ve lived through changes in government before. You’ll survive this.

    If this new government gets out of hand, you still have the power to vote them out in 3 years. Your vote is valuable. They’ll try to win it, which means they won’t go crazy.

    Give them a chance.




    Smashed Soy and Chili Cucumber

    This is a little starter dish that you often get certain variations of in restaurants in parts of China. It’s such a fresh way to start a dinner, and great to dip into throughout the meal when the dishes start getting rich and complexed.  Do try it, simple to make and super crunchy and fresh.

    600gm             Cucumber (about one and a half telegraph cucumbers)

    1 Tbl                 Flakey Sea Salt
    1 ½ Tbl             Sesame Oil
    2 Tbl                 Black Vinegar (balsamic as substitute)
    2 Tbl                 Hot Bean Chili Paste
    3 Cloves           Garlic – fine chop
    1 tsp                 Sugar
    2 Tbl                 Soy Sauce


    Take the cucumbers, cut into thirds. Grab a largish chef knife, and using the flat of the blade, push down on the cucumbers. They will generally crack and split into three or four lengths.

    Scrap out the seeds and discard. Chop the cucumber into bite size pieces, cut on the angle. Place into a suitably sized mixing bowl. Add all the other ingredients. Toss to combine. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

    Serve in a deepish bowl, with a bunch of chopsticks on the side, or forks. Everyone loves smashed soy and chili cucumber.



    A TAD Funny




    Tiny House Update

    I am still very much in the planning stages right now – there is a fast-growing interest in the tiny house community now and so many fabulous ideas.

    Pets are a big focus for me with my tiny house – I have 3 – Bella, a black Labrador, Jack, a Burmese cat and Cosmo, a Siamese/Persian X cat so I need to plan creative use of space for them in my tiny house – here are a few of the ideas I have come across.

    I’d love you to introduce me to your pets, post a photo and your pets name/s on Facebook!




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