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  • Why Choose Us?

  • The Accounts Department - Efficiency
    Fast, accurate bookkeeping services; all your tax matters filed on time, every time.

  • The Accounts Department - Partnership
    We get to understand you and your business; your priorities become our own.

  • The Accounts Department - Accessibility
    Talk to us whenever you need to on matters big or small. We are happy to help.

  • The Accounts Department - Priority
    No matter what size your business is, you're important to us.


    1. You can trust us to get your accounts done on time, every time.  In fact we guarantee it – our 20 day promise means that we’ll get your accounting job signed, sealed and delivered back to you within 20 working days.  Our only caveat is that you give us everything we need for the specified job in the timeframe required (and we help you do that too).

    2. We’re a tax agent, which means you get an extra 267 days to pay that bill!  By filing through a tax agent you get a full year to pay your tax, rather than the standard 98 days.  You’ll also get more time to file your return.  And as your tax agent we can look after the whole thing for you – we’re authorised to act on your behalf in liaison with Inland Revenue.  We have a 100% success in reaching our filing targets – which we (and IRD) are very pleased about!

    3. You can focus on what you’re best at, and we’ll do the rest.  When time is precious, why waste it on getting your accounts in order?  Leave it to the experts.  We know the ropes and can get things done much quicker than someone who only deals with tax or accounting when they must.  Hand the hassle over to us.

    4. You get data that can change the way you do business.  The financial records we provide can help you improve cash flow, become more competitive and profitable, react more quickly to challenges and trends and make more informed decisions about your products and services – all of which help you reduce costs and grow your business.

    5. You get unparalleled responsiveness – we’ll never leave you guessing.  We give you a personal promise to always get back to you within 24 hours (often much sooner).  And if we know you’re going to need help from us such as when you’re in the middle of an important deal, we’ll be on alert for you.

          So, get in touch and find out more about what The Accounts Department can do for you.

  • Click here to find out more about the services we offer and how we can help you

    Read More About Our Services

    Read More About Our Services

    Click here to find out more about the services we offer and how we can help you